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Ramin Rak

Hi, I'm Dr. Ramin Rak, a neurosurgeon with Neurological Surgery P.C.

Dr. Ramin Rak is a world renowned expert in micro-neurosurgical techniques, and these techniques have been used to complete a number of complex procedures. Dr. Ramin Rak uses these techniques to perform awake craniotomies, skull-based surgeries, treatment for brain tumors, and complex spinal surgeries. Dr. Ramin Rak is so skilled at these techniques that he has been invited to speak across the country about the techniques that he uses. Dr. Ramin Rak has spoken at nearly 20 medical conferences, where he explained his techniques, and he has also written articles that appeared in dozens of journals. Dr. Ramin Rak even authored a chapter of the Atlas of Neurosurgical Treatments, which was about Endoscopic-Assisted Microsurgery. Dr. Ramin Rak completes brain and spine surgeries at Neurological Surgery, P.C., in Rockville Centre, NY. To learn more about Ramin Rak, view his Prezi profile, or connect with him via LinkedIn:

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